Daily Create 1

First week of Daily Create (prior to feb 10th)

tdc25 – feb 3th

For my first assignment for the DTC assignment which was to record a sound which “comforts or makes you feel safe” was the instructions. I instantly went to the sound of the train because to me the sound of train is very comforting and helps me relax in the morning

tdc26 – feb 4th

my feet

as you can see im having a very relaxing day!

tdc27 – feb 5th

my phone

my phone is very loud in the morning which wakes me up instantly


tdc28 – feb 6th

i dont have much to say about this ring tone…


tdc29 – feb 7th

Jeremy LIn upside down

Recent hype of an Asian-American player being able to play guard in the NBA.
Had to post his picture and root for him!


tdc30 – feb8th

places i lose things

house is so small and doesn’t really have anything to lose but if i had to choose one it would be here?…

tdc31 – feb 9th

Happy moment!

Saw thing at the supermarket and bought it a few days ago because of memories.. but it doesn’t taste as good as it use too…

tdc32 – feb 10th


For todays daily create i chose money and i think it is self explanatory. I want money and lots of it.


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