Daily Create 2

2nd week of daily create (11th – 17th)

tdc33 – feb 11th

math problem

tdc33 on confusion and i think it clearly explains with the picture

tdc34 – feb 12th

human hand

tdc34 on the human hand. A detailed hand of the human hand lines is what came to mind for me.

tdc035 – feb 13th


looking at this tatoo is just looks so awesome

tdc36 – feb 14th

peanut butter and a spoon
Instructions were to take picture of food being served in a unconventional way.

When I was reading this assignment I was eating peanut butter by itself. I guess you could call this unconventional because most like you would eat peanut butter with something.

tdc37 – feb 15th

card game on my phone???!
Instructions were to take a photo of toy in action

I didn’t really have a toy but i had my phone ring chain. It is a card game played in asia and thought this would be a cool idea for a toy!

tdc38 – feb 16th

Instructions were to take a photo of how old you feel.

I posted a picture of vitamins which explains how old i am. When i was young i didn’t need these vitamins but now i force myself to eat them so that i don’t run out of energy.

tdc39 – feb 17th

bird today
Instructions were to take a photo of bird today.

I ate dominoes and the coupon that came with the pizza had a picture of a bird. I had no idea how to take a picture of a bird so i decided this would be a perfect choice!


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