Daily Create 3

3rd week daily create (19th – 24th)

tdc41 – feb 19th

Instructions were to take photo of my most prized possesions.

I chose my wallet because it has all my important stuff such as id’s, money and etc. If i were to lose it i wouldn’t know what to do.

tdc42 – feb 20th

books for students
Instructions were to take a photo of your current job or job you had

My current job is to be a college student so i took a picture of my textbook. Right now that is what i have to focus on the most and worry about real jobs later.


tdc43 – feb 21st

Instructions were to tell a story in one recording of a place.

I chose to record what i was watching at home. I love watching korean variety shows because i am home sick! So usually when i am home i have it on so thats why i recorded the sound of one of the shows i watch alot.

tdc45 – feb 22nd

Instructions were to say the name backwards.

My name spelled backwards is nihs kusoh. Never thought about this but my name sounds cooler backwards….




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