Final Exam Practical Activities

Dear IBE,

I am writing this letter regarding the continuation of CIS0835 in the future.Before I start talking about the class; I will mention and agree that this class has/can make many improvements. However, this class I feel should for students in the future. The reason I think this way is because CIS0835 actually cover what we go through our life in every day to the minute.Now we have two lives instead of one. The two are the real life and the life on the web. Recent years have shown that image online is becoming just as important as images in real life.

That’s not the only case. This class also focuses on the education for the future as education something that is greatly effected by technology. It studies how we can make the best out of this experience of “higher education” and much more. I show you a picture of two of the greatest pioneers of our age Bill Gates and Steve Jobs because these guys tackle problems that we study in this class everyday. New ways of thinking and evolving as humans isn’t that what higher education is all about? I hope that my this letter has at least given you something to think about. A Class this important should not disappear but be more thoroughly studied and expanded to the student body.


Hosuk Shin

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates by Brevityness on Creative Commons License


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